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Author: Gina Browne

By Craig Moss, MD What happens to the mind as we age? Where does forgetfulness become the start of dementia? What is normal aging and what is pathology? What causes memory loss and are there ways to prevent it from

Posted in Geriatric Medicine

Geriatrics is the medical care and treatment of older people. In the United States, over 13% of the population is 65 years of age or older. The average life expectancy in 1991 was over 75 years of age. Illnesses that

Posted in Geriatric Medicine

It’s the time of year again when we start to think about “New Year’s Resolutions.” Smoking, dieting, exercising and stress education often top the list. More importantly, though, is developing a heart-healthy lifestyle. This not only reduces the risk for

Posted in New Year - New Habits

By Dr. Debra Karnasiewica, MD, MPH When asked what the greatest health threat facing women is today, most women will respond cancer. However, more women will die of heart disease than all cancers combined. Heart disease claims 6 times the

Posted in Women's Health

By Dr. Michael Sheran Many people mistakenly believe that, in the United States, AIDS and HIV infection primarily affect men. In reality, the percentage of cases of AIDS and HIV occurring among women has been steadily increasing in recent years.

Posted in Infectious Diseases, Women's Health

By Dr. Debra Karnasiewicz Currently there is an estimated 80 million women approaching or going through menopause. Menopause is the time in a woman’s life when she stops having menstrual periods. It is the first anniversary of a woman’s final

Posted in Women's Health
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