Reliability of Health and Wellness Information on the Internet

Ever Wonder Whether the Health and Wellness Information You Are Finding on the Internet is Reliable?

Here are a few suggestions on what to look for to ensure your health information is reliable and credible:

  1. Consider the source: Who runs the website? is it a government site, a non-profit institution, a professional organization, a health system, versus a commercial organization or an individual.
  2. Focus on quality: Who has written the information? Does the site have an editorial board? Are they experts in the subject? Is the information reviewed before it is posted?
  3. Look for the evidence: Rely on medical research, not opinion. Look for the author of the information or does it rely on testimonials? Check more than one site.
  4. Check for currency: Look for the latest information. Is the information current? Look for dates.
  5. Beware of bias: What is the purpose? Who is providing the funding? Who pays for the site? Check to see if the site is supported by public funds, donations or by commercial advertising.

Always Consult with your health professional about any of your health and wellness questions.

For further information: Visit the MedlinePlus page on Evaluating Health Information and Evaluating Internet Health Information: A Tutorial from the National Library of Medicine.


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