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Author: Gina Browne

Posted in Health Tips

Internet Reliability

Ever Wonder Whether the Health and Wellness Information You Are Finding on the Internet is Reliable? Here are a few suggestions on what to look for to ensure your health information is reliable and credible: Consider the source: Who runs

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Side Leg Exercise

This exercise strengthens hips, thighs, and buttocks. For an added challenge, you can modify the exercise to improve your balance. You will need a sturdy chair for this exercise.

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Back Leg Exercise

This exercise strengthens your buttocks and lower back. For an added challenge, you can modify the exercise to improve your balance. You will need a sturdy chair.

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Chair Dip Exercise

This pushing motion will strengthen your arm muscles even if you are not able to lift yourself up off the chair. You will need a sturdy chair with armrests.

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Wall Push-ups

These push-ups will strengthen your arms, shoulders, and chest. Try this exercise during a TV commercial break.

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Overhead Arm Raise

This exercise will strengthen your shoulders and arms. It should make swimming and other activities such as lifting and carrying grandchildren easier. You will need weighted objects or hand-held weights for this exercise.

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Hand Grip Exercise

This simple exercise should help if you have trouble picking things up or holding on to them. It also will help you open things like that pickle jar more easily. You can even do this exercise while reading or watching

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Spring Physical Activity

We know that physical activity is important, but how much should we be aiming for?  The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend adults get at least 2 ½ hours of moderate aerobic activity a week (ex. brisk walking), as well

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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Zeev Weitz MD What does the word ‘arthritis’ mean?  Is it joint pain?  Is it joint swelling?  Is it redness? The answer, simply, is YES: it is pain, swelling and redness individually and in combination. The word arthritis is defined as

Posted in Geriatric Medicine, Pain Management, Women's Health
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